What does Brexit mean for students?
In June 2016, UK’s public voted to get out of the European Union. Nevertheless, how this serious decision, which is, called Brexit influence young people, specifically in higher education. For now on, it’s scarcely there’ll be considerable changes for students until March 2019 when the negotiation comes to an end. However, it is still unclear, what EU membership and Brexit mean for students.

When we interviewed the British students, most of them said that Brexit could restrict their opportunities to study, work and travel anywhere in EU. They are sure that tuitions fees will be higher in many European countries and they will no longer have the right for domestic rates. Maybe British young people will need to apply for student visas, in some cases can be reduced rights to work during and after studies.

Students from Asia, African and other countries outside the UE, they do not have to worry. Brexit will in no way affect their plans to study in the UK. Their visa requirements, as well as the tuition fees they should pay will be processed in the same way as now. Somewhat different is waiting for EU citizen, who are currently classified as “domestic/EU students”. Now they have the same conditions as the UK students, but probably not for a long. It means that Brexit may change this convenient situation for the worse. The current UK administration has the intentions to confine immigration, including student immigration. For this reason, most international students, especially from EU, are now considering other study destinations in Europe that propose English-language degree programs. Nevertheless, it is actually unclear just what definitely the impacts will be.

“Should EU students apply for a student visa?” this is frequently asked question among guys and gals, but there is still no concrete answer to it, only some assumptions. Controlling and limiting immigration is the main issue of all public debates about Brexit. When the UK will achieve its main goal, it is therefore possible, that all EU students will be required to apply for student visas to study at British Universities.

It is hard to predict, but tuition fees for students from the countries of European Union may increase twice. Although most of the government representatives in the United Kingdom announced that EU students would stay eligible for the same grants and loans as the domestic students in spite of whether the UK leaves the EU during this time.

Nowadays, there are no affordable papers or other documents where it is definitely indicated what to expect British students after leaving the European Union. We hope that everything will be good and things will go back to normal. If you are going to study at British University in the coming years, our recommendation, please check their official website to find out what going on there concerning the Brexit. Some universities promise EU students who enter prior Brexit, it won’t influence their status in relation to the tuition fees. These promises do not distribute on the unpredictable changes in visa regulations.